The Granby Ranch community is made up of a total of ten Special Districts to allow for the phased development of the community. Below are explanations and links to documents that give an overview of the structure and purpose for each District. For more detailed information and the agreements that support the structure please see the Documents and Amenities pages of this site.

General Overview Materials
Headwaters Metro District
Headwaters Metropolitan District is referred to as the "Service District."  It is responsible for the installation of infrastructure and ongoing operations for the entire community.  This includes administration and management, road plowing and maintenance, and transportation services for the community.  The primary funding for these costs comes from the other Districts which are known as "Financing Districts."  Headwaters Metro District also leases Ski Granby Ranch and Golf Granby Ranch, commonly known as the "Amenities," through a lease purchase agreement from the Developer.
Granby Ranch Metro District
Granby Ranch Metropolitan District includes the majority of all properties which have been developed within the community to date.  The District issued Limited Tax General Obligation Refunding Bonds, Series 2018 to restructure prior bonds which were used to finance the related costs of infrastructure (primarily roads, water, and sewer) for the community.  The District levies a property tax on all properties within the District to generate revenues to pay the operations costs and debt service costs of the bonds.   More information on the District can be found on their website at www.Granbyranchmd.org
Granby Ranch Metro District No. 8
Granby Ranch Metropolitan District No. 8 incudes the majority of remaining properties which are currently platted but not yet developed.  These properties were formerly in Granby Ranch Metro District.  The properties were excluded in 2010 and put into a separate District (GRMD No. 8) to allow for future costs of infrastructure for the related properties to not become the responsibility of Granby Ranch Metro District.  The District is also responsible for providing funding to Headwaters Metro District for a proportionate share of the operating costs of the community. Click here to view of map of the District.
Granby Ranch Metro District No. 2
Granby Ranch Metropolitan District No. 2 consists of 3 residential properties not included in the other Districts.  Currently taxes generated by the District are transferred to Headwaters Metro District to fund a small portion of the operating costs of the community.  Click here to view a map of the District (please note this map was created prior to the exclusion of property from GRMD to GRMD No. 8).
Granby Ranch Metro District Nos. 3, 4, 5, 6, &, 7
At the same time Granby Ranch Metro District No.2 and No.8 were formed, 5 additional Districts (GRMD Nos. 3 to 7) were also formed.  As undeveloped property within the community is developed in future years the property will gradually be included into these Districts so the taxes generated on the properties pay for the infrastructure costs of the specific area as well as a proportionate share of the operating costs for maintaining such infrastructure.  These Districts are currently in what is known as inactive status and have little to no activity except for state mandated matters.
SolVista Metro
SolVista Metropolitan District encompasses a small portion of the community that was developed prior to the formation of the other Districts.  The District levies a property tax which is used to cover the operating costs of the District, including a proportionate share of road maintenance costs, as well as funding to Granby Ranch Metro District to cover a portion of the debt service costs for infrastructure which was paid for with the Granby Ranch Metro District bonds.