Election Changes

The District holds elections every 4 years. Starting in 2020, Special Districts are switching from even-year to odd-year elections. To make the change, directors elected in 2020 and 2022 will serve 3-year terms, which in those cases will constitute a full-term. Directors appointed to vacant board seats after the 2022 election will only serve until the 2023 election.

Election May 2023

Eligible electors of the District interested in serving on the Board of Directors may obtain a Self-Nomination and Acceptance form from the District’s Designated Election Official. Self-Nomination and Acceptance Forms are to be returned to the Designated Election Official not less than sixty-seven (67) days prior to the election. Click Here for the May 2023 Self-Nomination and Acceptance form.

Elections Results
2022 Election Results - Deemed elected were the following Board Members:
Board Member Term Term Expires
Susanne Johnson 3 Years May 2025
Scot Johnson 3 Years May 2025
Roxanne Hoover 3 Years May 2025
Matthew Hoover 1 Year May 2023